I am excited to be able to offer a limited number of 1:1 VIP coaching and mentoring 90 day programmes designed to fit around your commitments. 

I offer a bespoke programme designed for the business man/woman, entrepreneur, and high achiever, with a busy schedule and a range of commitments. You may already know what you SHOULD be doing to take care of your health, but perhaps you:

  • struggle to find  time for yourself

  • travel extensively

  • have early starts or late finishes

  • eat out regularly for business

  • are a slave to food cravings

  • would like more energy and vitality to achieve your full potential

  • want to look and feel 10 years younger

Then I invite you to work with me as I specialise in helping people who:

  • struggle to lose weight or to keep it off

  • want to balance hormones

  • want to avoid medications or are fed up with taking drugs

  • want to have more energy and vitality to do what you want

  • have a problem with your blood pressure

  • have high cholesterol

  • want to keep healthy mental clarity

  • have blood sugar issues

  • want to live a healthy life into your retirement and beyond

Then this personalised service includes 


    These include:

    • Gut health assessment checker

    • Wellness Questionnaire

    • Weight and measurement charts to monitor your progress.

    • Food Pyramid chart – easy visual representation of healthy food choices

    • Lifestyle overview exercise

    • Healthy habit quick reference guide

    • Blood sugar balance guide

  • Full supply and postage to your chosen address of the targeted supplementation PURIFY programme  –  this CLINICALLY TRIALLED microbiome reset 5 part pack helps you get off to the best start on your journey to elite health and vitality.

  • FULL NUTRITION PLAN – healthy clean eating, no faddy foods, just delicious fresh and wholesome meals. This includes:

    • A step by step guide

    • Shopping list

    • Menus

    • A 30 page EVERYDAY RECIPE guide designed for success and ease of use.

  • LIFETIME access to all  “HOW TO” VIDEOS and RESOURCES –

    • Masterclass and teaching sessions

    • 21 daily email and 10 minute video series to guide you through the PURE 21 section of the programme


  • exceptional care and attention over the 3 months

  • Initial consultation – in person  (face to face where possible)

  • Arterial and Biological Age Testing assessment

  • Targeted nutrition advice

  • Personalised supplement programme

  • Weekly catch-up calls

  • Assessment and tracking documents

  • Easy to use monitoring tools

  • Lifestyle advice

  • Follow-up programme advice and future plans

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Payment in full £1,497.00

Payment in installments £800 x 2

2 payments