1. Not drinking enough fluids..

.it is recommended that adults have 2 litres a day.
More if you exercise …
Things such as fruit teas count… (Beware, a glass of fruit juice has the same amount of sugar as a cola!)
The way to monitor this, is the colour if your pee!
A light straw colour means you are nicely hydrated.
Symptoms can be subtle… E.g Headache, fatigue.
If you are thirsty you are ALREADY dehydrated!

2. Inactivity ….

Have you noticed that things SLOW DOWN in this department when you are less mobile for whatever reason…. ?
Make sure you have AT LEAST a 20 min walk a day.

3. Medications…

ALL medications have side effects ….
Pain killers, especially those containing codeine slow the bowel, and we all react differently to pharmaceuticals!
If you take extra Iron or Calcium then some makes of these supplements will affect you too.

4. Not enough fibre….

We are advised to eat 30g of fibre a day. Yes 30!
To give you an idea…
1 kg of raw fruits and veg will give you 12g of fibre …
There is some fibre in whole grains of course…
But, there are very few of us who are GETTING ENOUGH!!
Fibre is also great for controlling weight, blood pressure and your cholesterol levels.

5. Years of mal-functioning bowels,

fluctuations from constipation to diarrhoea, over using laxatives, enemas IBS, makes the bowel lazy and lacking in tone. You need to retrain the bowel to function better. A high quality supplement such as Body Prime will help. Read all about it’s fantastic benefits.

6. Bad habits…

Holding on… Are you the sort that won’t “go” at work , school or anywhere other than your own loo! Babies go after every feed, naturopaths recommend that it would be best if we all went 3 times a day.

7. Eating processed foods….

if your diet consists of too many junk foods, those high in bad fats and sugar your system will not be getting the nutrients and fibre to operate effectively. Foods high in fats and sugar are hard to digest.
Combining good fats, with protein and healthy carbohydrates at every meal is the secret to a healthy diet.

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