Click on each of the options below to choose which course suits your needs at this time.

1. 1:1 VIP coaching 90 day personalised package

2. 8 week online Your Heart Matters™ programme

3. 3 week Lifestyle Pure 21™ programme

4.  14 Days to Fabulous video series

14 days, 14 minute videos, 14 top tips, £14


The 14 Days to Fabulous video series is designed to help you:

Navigate your way through all the facts and myths about being well.

Balance your hormones,

Manage your weight,

Keep your heart and your brain healthy

Help you to live life to the full so that you can see more, be more and do more and

Look and feel 10 years younger.

There has never been a better time to pay more attention to yourself. Once you have a healthy body and mind,  you will enjoy having the energy and confidence you want, to be able to set a great example for those you know, love, work alongside, serve and care for. This video series will set you on the right path to achieve just that.

Each 14 minutes video covers a major topic relating to all aspects of achieving Ellie Health and includes easy to follow top tips to help you reach your health goals. ALL THIS FOR JUST £14 – YES £14