Make your health a priority with Synergy’s ProArgi-9+. Dr Ignarro, pharmacologist and Nobel Prize winning scientist explains how to avoid heart attacks and strokes.

Benefits of Using ProArgi 9+

Enhance Fitness - Increase stamina and performance;recover quicker

Perfect For All

Learn how to easily

  • Increase energy levels.

  • Increase peak oxygen volume and exercise capacity

  • Enhance lean muscle mass

with a natural product that

  • Aids in body fat reduction.

  • Lasts 24/36 hours in the body.

  • Increases the body’s resistance to strenuous exercise.

  • Boosts hormone secretion.

  • Is the key to efficient muscle metabolism

This product is safe for elite athletes and is WADA compliant.

Supplied in handy one serving sachets, this allows for ease of use and convenience.

Reduce your risk of heart disease. Reverse arteriosclerosis and heart problems

The Miracle Molecule

  • prevent illness,

  • combat ageing,

  • smooth fine lines

  • avoid or reduce medications,

  • Reduce arterial plaque

  • Lower BP and cholesterol levels

  • Improve sleep

  • Balance hormones

  • Enhance concentration and memory

  • Stabilise weight

  • Revitalise libido

By increasing Nitric Oxide in the body with natural amino acids you will experience beneficial vaso-dilatory effects. ProArgi9+ is clinically trialled and features in the PDF –  the US Physician’s Desk Reference.

Reduce your risk of common disorders and side effects of medication. Combat the complications of diabetes

Sky-rocket your Health


  1. Improve heart function

    2. Support peripheral circulation

    3. Improve insulin resistance

    4. Lower risk of strokes and heart attacks

    5. Enhance kidney function

    6. Aid wound healing

    7. Restore sensation

By taking 2/3 sachets a day of this stevia sweetened powder in water, you will feel more energised, sleep better and restore and improve many functions affected by diabetes.

Join our Your H.E.A.R.T. Matters™ online programme to discover how to reduce medications and control your diabetes.

Feeling tired or worried about ageing?

Have more energy

The most common reason for GP visits is TATT: TIRED ALL THE TIME.

  1. Are you lacking the energy you once had?

  2. Is it affecting your work/business?

  3. Do you feel out of control?

  4. Do you get the most out of every day?

Perhaps you have a more chronic illness or condition and you are worried about having to take over-the-counter or prescription drugs as you are aware of the side effects.

Or you may have a loved one that you are concerned about and need some advice?

Do you have an auto immune disease? Are you struggling with chronic pain?

What if ….

  1. you could feel like you did in your teens and twenties?

  2. you look and feel healthier, slimmer, younger, sexier?

  3. you can be that super woman/man where you work, you play and enjoy life with your friends and family?

  4. you can feel confident and contented and brimming with energy?

“Your current health does not reflect your future health”

Are you worried about your weight?

Take control now

You may see people who eat more than you and wonder why they are slim and lean even though your food intake is similar?

Address the imbalance of the microbiome – the most accepted cause of intestinal imbalance and weight gain in our 21st century world.

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Clinical Trial Video – Listen to Find out how ProArgi 9+ Can Help


Women are more risk of heart disease than men (53% to 47%) – read more here about the secret to living a full and happy life with THE MIRACLE MOLECULE – The 22 reasons why you should take L-arginine


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