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Marie Diamond (Monaco)

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The secret behind “The Secret” – Marie Diamond is a globally renowned Transformational Teacher, Leader, Speaker and International Best-Selling Author, Creator of Diamond Feng Shui, Diamond Dowsing and Inner Diamond Meditation Programs. She is also the only European star in the worldwide phenomenon “The Secret”.

Her clients include billionaires, multi-millionaires, A-list celebrities in film and music (like Steven Spielberg, Rolling Stones, Paula Abdul, Dan Acroyd, etc.) top selling writers and motivational speakers (like Rhonda Byrne, Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor, John Gray and Marianne Williamson and Vishen Lakhiani), top athletes and sportsmen in Basket, Soccer, Golf, leaders from Fortune 500 companies(like BP-Amoco, Exxon Mobil), CEO’s and Top leaders in several top global MLM companies (like Lyoness, WorldVentures, Nikken, Herbalife, It Works Global, Forever Young etc.) and governmental leaders and organisations (like in Belgium, Kazakhstan, Russia, Iceland, USA, Canada and Mexico).

She is a founding member of the only Global Transformational Leadership council, Founder and President of the Association of Transformational Leaders of Europe and is considered as one of the 100 Transformational Trainers, Speakers and Authors in the World.

She is also one of the Master Authors at Learning Strategies Inc, one of the top Home study course providing companies in the world. Born in Belgium, and after living in California in the United States, she is now residing at the French Riviera near Monaco.

Dr Marion Bevington

Award winning Professional Speaker Coach, Teacher, Trainer & founder of Corporate Yoga London & Stage Fright Away, Co Author of the book Find Your WHY and co founder of the Find your WHY Foundation Helping you stand up confidently & speak out authentically as your self, full of self-esteem and joy!


Moira Bush (Canada)

The Colour Entrepreneur
Author of the Colour Mirrors Oracle Cards
* Life Mentor
* Author
* International Speaker
* Love & Money Bootcamps

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Dr. Cheryl Chapman

International Speaker, author of Find Your Why to become frickin’ awesome and the creator of The Live, Love, Laugh Lounge where she is a mentor to women wanting to choose a life of freedom after a change in their lives.


Camilla Kristiansen (Norway)

Kick-ass mentor,stylist and Editor in Chief for Spotlight Magazine. Author of 30 books on Amazon.Her mission is to help other women feel confident and beautiful in a cruelty free way and always be aware of their choices in life and how they affect our world. She’s all about taking action everyday to make your dreams come true.


Michelle Reinhardt (Australia)

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Michelle works with truth seekers to help them discover, embrace and explode into their purpose in life.
Many are living in a daze, a trance, many live with self doubt and unstoppable sometimes debilitating monkey chatter in their minds, and just don’t know how or what to do to change that.
Mindset and Energy Transformation is the recognition of many mistakes made in the past. The same mistakes applied to different ventures resulting in the same results every time, failure, self sabotage doubt, broken dreams and promises.

Chris Salem (U.S.)

World-Class Speaker, Life & Business Strategist, Award Winning Int’l Best Seller Author, and Radio Show Host A Change Agent dedicated to assisting others to free themselves from emotional, physical & financial pain.


Paul Adamson

Paul is a motivational sales & leadership speaker. Paul has had the privilege of being able to tap into the mindsets of globally recognised peak performance professionals, which he shares with audiences on a journey of discovery and inspiration. Head hunted by Eddie Jordan, Paul skippered a yacht circumnavigating the globe, in the company of famous billionaires, captains of industry and stars from the world of music and sport. As a speaker, Paul delivers a story that’s impassioned and dynamic, one that transforms and uplifts. His motto is ONE LIFE, LIVE IT.

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Ben Chaiz

A true Renaissance Man – Ben is a Property guru, impresario, coach, mentor, author, actor, facilitator and friend to the stars. Ben travels the world giving and contributing in his own unique style.

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Skip Archimedes

Transformational coach and internationally acclaimed speaker and author – Skip was a competitive gymnast who overcame serious injuries, illnesses, a family break-up, obesity and depression to become a Gymnastic Champion. Then during training he experienced a living nightmare and was inable to walk let alone compete! Unwilling to accept this prognosis and inspired by Bruce Lee, he used the power of his mind and self-belief to find a cure. Within just 6 months he started to learn how to walk again.

He went on a worldwide journey to meet and work with international experts to discover the truth about why some people get stuck in thoughts and programs that don’t serve them, while others have the inner strength to move forwards and live an empowered life of fulfilment, financial abundance, success, personal achievement, health and vitality.

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Davina MacKail

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Davina is an Author,  Spiritual educator, shamanic seer and healer, dream expert, energy healer, feng shui and space clearing expert and alternative branding expert. Her greatest intention is to unlock the gateway to your most glorious self. A Master practitioner in Hypnotism, Time Line Therapy and Neuro-Linguistic Programming Davina believes that the language we use has enormous creative and symbolic purpose.

Davina is also a Hay House published author of The Dream Whisperer book and double CD and appears regularly on TV shows.

Her greatest intention is to unlock the gateway to your most glorious self.

Monika Laschkolnig (Austria)

Author, Intuitive Guide, Spiritual Mentor, Founder and CEO of “Inner Strength Academy” |

Love yourself. Forgive yourself. Find your inner strength. Discover your path. Explore what you are worthy of. Live your truth and authentic greatness!

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Zoe Bennett

 Zoe is a motivational speaker who uses her background of a tragic event to encourage people to understand that no matter how hard it gets, you have control of your destiny, whether in your personal life or business life. She explains why it is important to set (realistic) goals and have a clear defined life strategy. The ultimate message is never give up!!!


Chrisoula Sirigou

Evolutionary teacher, dedicated educator, broadcaster, colour psychologist, co-author and visionary guide. An enchanting storyteller, ChriSOULa in Greek meaning “the golden lady”, is known as The Golden Muse for her colourful personality and adept skill in quickly inspiring people to step into their authentic flow and come home by bringing out their inner golden treasure.

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Lucy Flannagan-Martin

Owner and founder of “Mumazing Success”-  set up to Empower and Celebrate Amazing Mums everywhere in their Business and Life.Recharge and Achieve More Events (Personal and Business Growth and Development) Seminars, Workshops


Lady Anita Bradshaw


Anita is founder of Woman The Powerhouse Global ; an organisation set to propagate “Global Women Empowerment”. Anita believes that every woman (those hurting and those living in fulfilment) are Powerhouses in their own field of purpose.

“We are in the business of educating, motivating and inspiring the GLOBAL WOMAN  to do, have and become more. We believe that the economic-social political growth of any nation lies in the hand of women. 

As natural nurturers, the Global Powerhouse woman has  a key role to play in the development of her family, community, nation and the world. History has it that; women play key roles in the making of Kings. They are forces with the zeal to make things happen irrespective of the challenges they may face in their journey of life.However, we also know that a lot of women are not living their full potential due to the ever-increasing challenges of life. Since the inception of this organisation in 2013, we have transformed the lives of so many women globally. This has been possible through the collaboration with individuals and organisation that are passionate about the “Global Woman empowerment and transformation”. 

Our Vision:

We Work toward seeing The Global Woman living a life of fulfilment and, becoming more than they already are.

Julia Beauchamp (U.S.)

Julia Beauchamp (Bee-chum) is passionate about the transformative power of speaking. It has been through her personal experience, first as a perfectionistic, caged and fearful wanna-be actress and now as a decisive, confident and charismatic speaker, that she learned what it takes to captivate a room and have an impact.

She has taught over 3,000 hours of yoga classes and workshops internationally and has over 10,000 hours of professional training in performance, voice and speaking over the past 15 years. This includes a B.A. in Acting from Emerson College and studying at the internationally renowned physical theater training institute, The Grotowski Center, in Poland.  She is a “Claim Your Voice” certified public-speaking coach, a Magnetic Speaking Trainer and a certified Big Impact Speaker.


Danielle Serpico (Ireland)

 Mastermind Coach, NLP Master Practitioner & Trainer. With a 20 year background in business, entrepreneurship, managing, coaching and mentoring, Danielle helps you rediscover your ‘fighter’ mind-set, overcome any obstacles or limiting beliefs and show you how to go after your dreams so that you can win in your life.

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Lisa Spencer-Arnell

The Treasure Seeker, Leadership Coach, Facilitator of Change, Inspirational Speaker, Author. Lisa works with Leaders with a Purpose, Change Makers, Legacy Leavers who want to transform the way things are done in their teams, organisations, industries, sport, or nation and in the process, are up for transforming themselves and enjoy success with their wellbeing and energy fully intact.

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Sharon Callix

Social media coach and founder of MakingMoneyUsingSocial Media.  Sharon won the award for Social Media Coach of the Year for 2014 by the Association of Professional Coaches, Trainers and Consultants (APCTC). Sharon has been featured as a guest expert on Sky News, run successful campaigns on social media for high-ranking officials and large organisations like the Mayor of London and the NHS just to name a few.

Rachel Elnaugh

British entrepreneur who rose to fame as a ‘Dragon’ in the first two series of BBCTV’s BAFTA nominated business show ‘Dragons’ Den’. She created the experiences brand Red Letter Days at the age of 24 on a shoestring budget and built it into a market leading £multi-million turnover company. She is an award winning business mentor, speaker and author. Her latest business SourceTV is a video-centric digital publishing platform and marketing portal for Thought Leaders, Metaphysical Teachers, Transformational Coaches and Evolutionaries.

Philip Chan

The 10 seconds maths expert. Business ConsultantChildren’s AuthorEnvironmental ResearcherHealth EducatorIndependent Financial AdviserLecturerLife CoachNeuro-linguistic programmerPublic speakingSports CoachingSports nutritionI am a simple catalyst for change. I am Nothing until I help YOU to find the SPECIALNESS IN YOU!”

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Alex Merry

Speaker coach and the Founder/Curator of TEDxClapham.

At the age of 22, Alex used public speaking to turn a small London start-up he was co-running into an award-winning, 250-person strong company raising over £12.5 million along the way. Since then, he founded TEDxClapham, an offshoot of the world famous TED talks and set up this coaching business where he advises people on landing, writing and delivering talks that build brands, raise finance, increase sales, start movements, lobby governments and transform businesses, creating globally recognised industry leaders along the way.

His client list includes business leaders, best-selling authors, philanthropists, a member of the special forces and former world champion boxer.

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Nigel Risner

Motivational & Inspirational Speaker Business Coach CEO Speaker of the Year. Author of “The Impact Code” and “It’s a Zoo Around Here”. He is one of only six speakers in the UK to have been awarded the highly prestigious PSAE (professional speaking award of excellence) from the Professional Speakers Association.


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Robert J.Moore (Canada)

Behavioural Specialist/ Coach at The Better Way-International Award winningPublic Speaker and Author of My Journey: Through Addiction to Salvation. A New Beginning  Robert Moore was totally destitute. Homeless and alone, he had alienated his friends and family with his drug and alcohol addiction, and had nowhere to turn. He thought his journey was over, and his path was at a dead end. Then, a miracle happened….This is the story of a man who was once driven by demons and is now driven by hope, courage and the desire for a better life.


Patty Farmer (U.S.)

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The Networking CEO™, is an award-winning and in-demand marketing professional, social media strategist, professional speaker, radio show host and co-author of two highly acclaimed books: Make Your Connections Count and Success in High Heels.

Patty’s role in the networking arena connecting businesses to the people, tools and resources they need most, combined with her unique ability to leverage ROR (Return On Relationships), has established her as a leader in collaborative strategy as well as a “go-to” marketing expert.

A brilliant business trendsetter, Patty utilizes strategic vision to redefine, reshape and remake stagnant or struggling businesses into thriving, prosperous entities.

Dr Wendy Sneddon

Business and Leadership coach with 20-plus years of helping fast growth companies, strategic planning, team building and management/training. Founder of the Lodestone Lounge, an online community supporting entrepreneurs with business skills; creator of GEMS (Great Employee Management system), an online filing system for you’re all your employee data and records. Passionate about ending abuse against both human beings and animals, Wendy’s mission is to Lead with Purpose, sharing her skills and knowledge with heart centered entrepreneurs who want to build a successful business.

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Dr. Vivian Timothy (Germany)

German Based Nigerian Artist and founder of “Art Unleashed” Vivian’s mission is  ”To make people free is the aim of art, therefore art for me is the science of freedom”

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Agata Tothova

Agata is a Facilitator of Women’s Empowerment, Mentor of Excellence,
Founder of AgaFlow© Transformational mentoring programme, Creator of ‘Ordinary people’s Extraordinary lives’ project, Barrett’s CTT Models & Tools Certified Consultant, Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, NLP and Accredited Talent Dynamics Flow Consultant

Her commitment to transform clients’ experience from feeling
disempowered to fully empowered is truly unique.

Born in Slovakia, Agata moved to the UK over 22 years ago.


Viola Edwards (Cyprus)

Viola is a woman who broke free; her story highlights the turbulent experiences of a childhood punctuated by her father’s early death, migration and cultural upheaval in a Lebanese family environment when, as a teenager, she was again parachuted, migration style, into the vibrantcolourful, yet unfamiliar South American culture of Venezuela. Now residing in Cyprus Viola is a Relationship Coach, Holistic Psychotherapist, Breathworker and Colour and Image Consultant


Dr. Marina Nani


Founder and CEO of Radio W.O.R.K.S.World™ and MAKE THE NEWS . Global platforms for online resources on how to get the media’s attention and how to attract ideal clients the right way.

Marina Nani is not only the founder of The Quantum of Light Magazine and Radio W.O.R.K.S. World, but an accomplished writer who understands really well the struggles you are facing when publishing your book and what doors you need to open next. Actually, Marina considers the stage, the radio interviews and the glossy magazine, “small hinges to swing big doors”.

“The only dreams coming true are the great dreams you dream awake. You hold the unique talent that the world is waiting on, the strength could only come from within, from your resilience, your patience, your passion, the winning algorithm while reaching for the stars to change the world”

Be Seen! Be Heard! Be Present!

Lionel Palatine-Cox

Lionel Palatine-Cox is a renowned international property investor, published author and a modern-day entrepreneur, Lionel has nearly forty years’ experience of running various businesses based around freedom of the individual.

 After a revaluation of his life in his late forties, Lionel changed his lifestyle to help people get the most from an understanding of themselves and their relationships instead of the most from their business. He is now using his business expertise and knowledge to help build a new kind of structure that will help transformational entrepreneurs to create more than material wealth.


Dr Darie Nani

Darie Nani, Founder of MTN Network and BYP TV channel, COO of Radio W.O.R.K.S. World and Make The News, the Global Platform for People who are making a significant Difference. Darie is the creative director for 2 publications, Sovereign Magazine and Quantum Of Light which are freely distributed in international airports. Darie also presents his own show, Who Dares Speaks on BYP TV – where his guests aren’t afraid to share their truth, and tell it how it is, speaking frankly on subjects that most of us try to avoid.

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Mark Anthony Clarke

Philanthropist, Founding CEO of The Walk to Freedom and Public Communicator – Established in 2011 The Walk to Freedom Limited is a successful not-for-profit ex service user led community based organisation that is committed to addressing the issues surrounding drug and alcohol dependency through its innovative intervention, prevention, and awareness programmes.

Their youth services work closely with referrals from the Children in Care Services, Education Authorities as well as the Youth Offending and Probation Service

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Davie McConnachie

From Glasgow in Scotland, Davie is a multi award winning professional speaker and award winning private gym owner, specialising in peak performance mind and fitness coaching. “Fitness saved my life and now helps me manage my own mental health challenges, low self esteem and addictions. My purpose in life is to eradicate sedentary lifestyle. My mission is to motivate 10 Million people (M-T-M). My vehicle is the DMC “M” Power 5 Program. My vision is to have a global reach and my core values are Inspire, Educate, Motivate, Transform”

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Steven Horne (U.S.)

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Steven Horne is professional member and recent past president of the American Herbalists Guild (AHG) and a professional member of the International Iridology Practitioner’s Association (IIPA).  He has also served on the board of directors of both organizations.
An herbalist, natural health teacher, author, and consultant, his work has taken him all over the United States and Canada and to several foreign countries, including Malaysia, Australia, New Zealand, England and Mainland China to share this wealth of knowledge. He has spoken at HerbFest, Whole Foods Expo, Clayton College’s annual conference, AHG’s annual symposium, and numerous conventions and conferences. He is a popular speaker and students find what he teaches is practical and easy to understand and apply.

Shahara Wright (U.S.)

CEO, author, professional speaker, business law attorney and business strategist. Founder of The CEO Effect, LLC – Shahara works with small businesses who want to position themselves to accelerate growth, developing organizational systems that balance, legal, financial, marketing and management strategies while working with companies to help them execute those strategies.

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Sarah Sparks

Building the world’s most supportive community based resource for stressed people to ignite their spark in a safe and secure environment.

Mission Statement…
Share the most powerful how to strategies to help improve all areas of your relationships, wealth, health and wellbeing.


Caroline Kyriacou

Powerplate fitness instructor and  juice Queen – Mum of 6,  Caroline Kyriacou is the founder of Mama K’s Cold-pressed Juices. 

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Judith Wright

Founder and Managing Director at Wright Angle Marketing

Judith started WAM in 2001 and her passion and enthusiasm is what has enabled the company to grow and thrive! She heads up the team and keeps everyone fuelled and motivated to keep moving forward.

Her Slogan for life
If you are not living life on the edge, you are taking up too much space!


Dr. Neslyn Watson-Druee

Listen HERE

One of the most accomplished authors in personal development;  her books are designed to help young people to acknowledge their talent and stay out of gang culture. She dedicates her energy to help humanity eradicate extreme poverty and hunger.Ex-Chairman of NHS Kingston; honored with the MBE for Nursing. and the CBE for Health Service Innovation. Neslyn was recentelly awarded the top 100 Executive Coaches by World Human Resources Congress.

Robert Rolih (Slovenia)

Robert Rolih is on the mission to share what the financial industry doesn’t want us to know about investing.

Robert grew up in a poor backwater village in a small country, became a successful entrepreneur and then lost most of his money. Today Robert’s mission is to give you a behind the scenes investing education and help you avoid the costly mistakes that most investors make.

In 2015, he was named the Public Speaker of the Year and in 2017 Robert published his bestselling book The Million Dollar Decision: Get Out of the Rigged Game of Investing and Add a Million to Your Net Worth. The book was a smashing hit, with 1,336 paperback copies sold on the day of the release.

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Bradley Chapman

Bradley Chapman is an experienced sales, marketing business and life coach and business consultant who has experienced both adversity and success along his journey. Bradley has specialised in the sales arena for many years as well as many other business sectors. Bradley has a vast and broad range of people skills. He is a Motivational and Inspirational Business Mentor, Business and Life Coach and Public Speaker, Broadcaster and the Founder of The Diamond Experience.


Victor Tarfa

Founder of MillionairesByForty – “A Nation that ignores its youth, ignores it’s Future”. MillionairesByForty is the opportunity many young people don’t have, where they can learn more, do more and be more. “Our mission is to help transform their mindsets by creating an environment where they can be trained and coached whilst they network and collaborate with the best Africa has to offer so they can equally be the very best Africa needs by also giving back to our society and community at large.” Nigerian born Victor now lives in the UK with his family, and travels regularly to his homeland because Nigeria is full of problems but a true entrepreneur solves problems and people pay for the solutions. So where there are lots of problems, there are lots of opportunities.


Pravin Patel (Canada)

DR.PPP. The Celebrity Guru, author, broadcaster, speaker & coach. A practicing Psychologist and Homeopath running his clinic in Toronto, Canada Pravin is of Indian origin.. Dr PPP is also known as The Marathon Man.

Believe in your Wildest DREAMS.
Purpose+Passion+Massive Action= Success
Don’t let anybody steal your DREAMS.
LIve your life to the fullest.
Find out your WHY.
Do what you LOVE to do.
YOU are The Secret of SUCCESS


Phil Britten (Austalia)


International Speaker, Author and Entrepreneur. In his first business
 Phil was able to turn his passions into a profit by creating a multimillion-dollar enterprise, turning over in excess of 25 million dollars in his first decade of business.

Now, after building six businesses from the ground up, Phil has cemented his position as an International Speaker, sharing his expertise, assisting both individuals and companies grow and monetise their business and life ambitions.

By also drawing on his unique real-life experience of triumph over tragedy with burns to 60% of his body following a terrorist bomb attack, Phil is able to connect with his audience on a personal level, driving home the importance of taking action NOW.

Judith Quin

Classically trained actress, holistic sound healer and qualified life-coach.

Judith has combined her skills to create and deliver clear, sensitive and effective one-to-one programmes and intensives, group workshops, classes and talks on vocal confidence. She specialises in reducing nerves: improving delivery & diction for presentations, interviews,  weddings, auditions, exams and social interaction.


Natasha Aylott

Discover the Secrets leading to YOUR Fulfilled, Amazing and Abundant Life Forever! Empowering people to be mindful and step in to their own brilliance to reach their Bliss.

It is Natasha’s mission to inspire and nurture people to discover their purpose and passion.
She will take you on a journey of lifelong learning, by teaching the power of optimism, mindfulness, self-care. She will help you to strengthen your personal development so that you can make achieve inner peace and a Blissful life.

Listen HERE


Following the call of her own heart, Sanja has replaced her architects’ interest of 20 years experience with a completely different and exciting life. Interested in holding personal development workshops, The SRETAN DAN Center was founded in 2008 and since then is a recognisable oasis where you can recharge with positive energy and inspiration for all of your new life creations.

Listen here 

Heidi Marja (Norway)

Spiritual Coach, Healer and Mediyoga Inaugurator
I’m burning to help you get a better life where you follow your heart. When I see that you are afflicted with inner turmoil, stress and pain, I really want to help you to another day. When you listen to your body better, take it into account and listen to what it has to tell you there will be magic things. I have helped many people change their minds and be more from the heart and dare to be self-sufficient. I myself went from bedtime to now working 100% where I followed my dream. I have learned to balance my life better and I want to teach you as well.


Dr Dawn Gibbons-Cox MBE


Mentor, coach, Fenn Shui Master and co founder of “Blissland”-Dr. Dawn Gibbins-Cox MBE MBA is a visionary, an accomplished business person, and eternal optimist. She works tirelessly to help others create a better world for themselves. Dawn’s zest for life, her positive energy and infectious enthusiasm, rubs off on everyone she meets. She is an accomplished storyteller and renowned, for sharing her passion on health, harmony and happiness. Dawn has inspired millions with her clear understanding of elemental and earth energies.

Sound healer Sas Bullock creator of Vision OM.  This is all about changing your state with Sound, frequency and vibration to; Activate Your Vocal Power, heal, create self-awareness, empowerment and guidance through; opening, listening, communicating and following your heart. Focusing upon building your desired vision through embodiment, correct breathing,posture,movement, attention, intention, shifting resistance, emotional freedom, self-love, finding your unique voice, sound healing, authentic communication, group coaching, taking inspired action in the direction of your joy.


Dr Gill Barham – The Vitality Queen, transformational coach, international speaker, author,  radio show host, Pilates teacher, holistic health and wellbeing advocate. I specialise in helping high achievers to prioritise their health, so that they can look after their business. I use and recommend only natural solutions; building health rather than treating symptoms. My particular focus is on women over 40, but I also have male clients who do well on my programmes.