Speaking Topics

1. Gill Shares her top tips and techniques for presenting and appearing on any audio or visual platform, such as Radio, Webinars, Summits, podcasts, Facebook Live and TV


Identify your speciality and uniqueness

Develop poise and confidence in any situation

Create and deliver great content

Learn how to captivate your audience

Build your fan base and create loyal followers

2.Gill shares the 5 principles of her signature programme; Your H.E.A.R.T. Matters


The #1 reason for the rise in heart and common diseases despite the advancements in research and medicine.

The key steps you can take immediately to reduce your risk of developing the most common disorders of the 21st century.

Discover how you can easily sail through the natural ageing processes and step into your womanly or manly power.

Manage your weight and accelerate your energy levels so that you can look and feel good without resorting to weird or yucky diets or medication.

Take control of your current and future health and wellbeing so that you can deliver on the promises you have made to serve and nourish a) the people that you love and b) your clients and associates.

3. Gill speaks about women’s health and wellbeing – The Heart of a Woman


The state of female health in the 21st century and what you may be experiencing

The life cycle of hormonal health and the stages in a woman’s lifetime

How to be healthy as a woman, to achieve your potential and prepare for motherhood and beyond.

How you can live well and flourish as you age

The secrets to feeling, looking younger and feeling feminine into your later years.