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If like me, you are putting everyone else first, perhaps taking a back seat with your health when you know you are the rudder of your ship, then I want to empower you to take some action today so that you don’t become vulnerable. I also want to inspire you to learn some basic principles of how to live a life of wellness and to help those around you that you love to avoid the same fate as me and live a life of health wealth and happiness.

Why you should read this book….

Is it important to you to be happy, and healthy?

Do you want to develop more confidence, raise your energy levels, secure your financial future and achieve a good level of wellbeing?

Possibly you have some health concerns, or there are some annoying symptoms starting to show up; which you are almost certainly ignoring if you are a man, and if you are a woman you are probably too busy looking after everything and everyone else to do anything about. (Well perhaps that’s not you but someone you know, right?)

Perhaps you are keen to take control of your current and future health, but you find all the information available a bit confusing and difficult to fit in to your everyday life. You just want some simple, everyday solutions that you can adapt to your personal needs.

Maybe you have read other books, tried a range of diet, nutrition or fitness plans, made lifestyle changes, or undertaken previous coaching programmes,  but nothing has worked in the long term and you are looking for more long term caring, caring and professional advice?

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